A deep breath. There is an acceptance, an understanding and peace. You step into the new, the unknown, the hidden. You are in flow again. Always knowing to look for that pause in between.

Life happens, you go with the flow. But between two heartbeats there are moments of stillness that bring truth within an arm’s length. What does it look like in your soul – and do you really want to know? It requires some bravery to examine what is going on beneath the surface. And it can be disconcerting to know, it disrupts your self and shakes your world. What if control about your life is all but an illusion? So what! Take in the new view, accept yourself and be.

Artistic Director: Jorge Garcia Perez
Technical Director: Permi Jhooti
Sound: Philip Kannicht
Lights: Lukas Wiedmer
Dancers:Tana Rosás Suñé, Sidney Elizabeth Turtschi, Dévi Azélia Selly, Alba Carbonell Castillo, Florent Mollet, Jorge Garcia Perez