Continuum # Carta Blanca Dance

DANCE PERFORMANCE Carta Blanca Dance presents Continuum # in our new residency at DAS_VIERTEL. Continuum: Something that changes gradually over time without any clear dividing points. CBD are proud to present the fifth in their new [...]

Life’s Pedulum

  CARTA BLANCA DANCE DANCE PERFORMANCE A deep breath. There is an acceptance, an understanding and peace. You step into the new, the unknown, the hidden. You are in flow again. Always knowing [...]

Swipe, Swipe

Choreography 2016

unFILTERed 4

Choreography 2015

Oil on Oak

Choreography 2015

Distorted Seasons

Choreography 2014

Present Memory

Choreography 2013

Mad symphony

Choreography 2013

Möbius Symphony

Choreography 2013

Bipolar Skin

Choreography 2012

Doble Dos

Choreography 2013

Sur les pointes de l’ indifférence 2012

Choreography 2013

Matching Sounds

Choreography 2011